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                Guangzhou City GSAN Science & Technology CO.,LTD was established in October 1998. GSAN is a high-tech company with R & D, production, management, sales and service together. We’re mainly engaged in POS Terminal, Cash register, receipt/barcode printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, magnetic card reader& writer and the related products. According to the requirements from custom...[More]
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                POS Terminal | Touch POS Terminal | cash register | Printer| barcode printer | keyboard | Cash drawer |
                Scanner | POS cabinet | Monitor | Customer display |IC,ID card reader & writer | other products
                Guangzhou City GSAN Science & Technology CO.,LTD  All right reserved
                4F, No.C10, Huachuang Animation Industrial Park, Jinshan Avenue, Shiqi, Pan Yu District, Guangzhou, China.
                Post code:511450
                +86 20 8750 6970 FAX+86 20-87574498 http://www.gsan.cn http://www.gsantech.com E-mail87501841@vip.163.com